Chinese Kindle Screensaver

Have a Kindle? Learning Chinese? Here is a freebie that you will love!

If you are using (and loving) your Kindle as much as I do, you have it close by all the time. So why no learn something while you’re looking at it?

I have created a screensaver of the 100 most frequent (simplified) Chinese characters, their pinyin and  translation! This way whenever you look at your Kindle you will be reminded of a character (or learn a new one!) - not to mention that they look gorgeous on the e-Ink screen!


If you would like an Android version of this screensaver, why don’t you head over to Great Bytes - there is a free screensaver with the same content that will not only work on the Kindle Fire, but also on any other Android device such as your phone!

How to install


Jailbreak and install the screensaver hack

The bad news is that you will need to jailbreak your Kindle and install the screensaver hack in order to change the screensaver. The good news is that this procedure is very easy and safe to do! Please follow the instructions on this webpage and come back once you’ve done this:,_3.x_%26_4.x_Kindles


Download the screensaver files into the linkss/screensaver directory

If you read the page carefully you know by now that Kindle screensaver files are simply images files. Please download the 100 screensaver images here:

download screensaver files

Now copy images 1.png to 100.png into the linkss/screensaver directory on your Kindle.

You will likely want to randomize which characters are shown. To do this, copy an empty file called ‘random’ into the linkss folder. Here is one you can use: a zipped empty 'random' file

Lastly, you need to copy an empty file called ‘reboot’ into the linkss folder, which will cause the Kindle to reboot and re-read the screensaver files. Here is one you can use: a zipped empty 'reboot' file

Now simply safely disconnect your Kindle and the message ‘Restarting framework...’ will appear on your Kindle. It will then restart, and you’re done! Enjoy beautiful Chinese characters on your Kindle!

Want other material to learn Chinese?

If you enjoy learning Chinese, have a look at ForLearnersMedia - in my opinion by far the most effective method of learning Chinese!

If that is not your kind of thing, why don’t you consider a small donation to keep me supplied with coffee so I can continue to create more awesome stuff? :)

For the technically minded

If you are interested, you can find the python scripts I use to generate the files on this here github repository


The character frequency list on which this is based is the excellent work of Jun Da. The translations and pinyin are taken from from wonderful CC-EDICT and set in the beautiful Linux Libertine font.