MyOwnWay - The Urban Compass

MyOwnWay is for urban explorers that would much rather take the interesting side alley than follow the most direct route to their destination! No matter if you’re sight seeing or just want to find new ways to your workplace, MyOwnWay lets you choose your own way while still making sure that you will arrive at your destination eventually.

Find your destination on the map, by address, or see what's nearby!

See what lies between you and your destination and find your own way!

And always know which direction to go!




Easily select a destination on the map by touching and holding the location you want to go to or enter an address right away.

(Or combine the two: You want to go to the location two streets west of Yonge/Bloor? Just enter 'Yonge and Bloor' as the address and then select the correct place from the map!)



Or find places of interest around you and let MyOwnWay take you there

poi_white_reflection   placedetail_white_reflection




Or maybe you would like to explore the surroundings of your hotel but you want to make sure you can find the way back? No problem, we got you covered!